Zygor Manual Viewer Critical Bug Fixed.

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    zygor guides viewer critical error

    [H] Daily LogsAdded Battle Daily pet.[B] MacrosUpdated macros[B] many dailies/reputationFixed difference issue with Shado Pan[A] LevelingFixed some overlaps in the Draenei starting area.[B] ProfessionsFixed an issue that caused all cooking instructions to become a mandatory error.[A] AchievementsFixed bugs that caused cooking logs to be misplaced. workingFixed[h] Routing Issues in the Mining Guide 1-525.[A] Daily LogsAdded a quest market in August, the Celestials are gone.[H] AchievementsCommented out the Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance sections as they are missing from this particular game.

    == Guide Viewer ==* Fixed localizations for zhCN, zhTW and koKR, but no loading* Pet battles should not force the mascot interface to load before the mascot data is clear.* Fog lights for fixed Teldrassil with Mulgore== Professions ==* Cooking: Added the number of tokens required to sell cooked ingredients for the Way of the Furnace banquet, including the soy sauce ingredient.* The amount of Krasarang Fish required for the Path of General Oven 26 Banquet has been changed from 50 to 50.* Changed NPC to buff Spirit Harmony, which has both factions, not just Horde.* Fixed an issue that caused players to be advised to buy the wrong idea in fishing guides.== Fixed leveling guides ==* Error in Kun-Lai top. Fixed* Problems with caves in a number of Alliance starting locations.== Reputation ==* Changes made to individual reputations.Spaces accepted and added to quests.* Updated Tillers guide with reputation tags.

    [B] Daily/RecurringA completely new quest has been added to The Order, related to the alignment of the clouds.solid snake[a] Waypoints in the dwarf upgrade section.[B] AchievementsFixed a new issue that caused all squirrels to skip stages.

    [B] Daily/RecurringAdded a new quest to The Order of the Cloud Leveling.solid snake[a] Waypoints when leveling gnomes.[B] AchievementsFixed a bug that caused all squirrels to skip stages.

    == Guide Viewer ==* Gray’s Value home window now remembers its position.* Fixed scenario manual filling* The ability to highlight nodes on the minimap and (animals with herbs/minerals) has reappeared on the market, see Additional Features.== call the leader ==* Added quest chains in Order of the Cloud Serpent and Shado-Pan.== Macro Manuals ==* Updated warlock macros* Removed all obsolete Warrior macros, added new Warrior macros.

    == Viewer ida ==* Fixed complete failure of ants inside an internal waypoint== Leveling Guides ==* Updated quest Burning for Steppes – A Perfect Suit – for Pandaren.

    [A] DailyAdded the ability to catch/throw to the fisherman.[B] Professions/AchievementsFixed issues with “Master…” achievements.[B] Pets/MountsFixed a dilemma that caused Golden Lotus dailies to be ignored as an ideal requirement.[B] Reputation/Daily LogsFixed an issue with our own Golden Lotus, Celestials, August and Shado-Pan.[B] Multiple guidesFixed bugs printed in the guide that allowed “enable” guides to be skipped.[B] Achievement “Bloodsail”Buccaneer achievement requirements have been corrected.

    [H] ALIGNMENTFixed a major bug in Kun-Lai causing a major error in our own guide.

    [B] SuccessAdded “Attack of the Yaks” achievement.[B] Daily/RecurringFixed minor bugs that caused the travel system to be misdirected.[B] LevelingFixed settingsroads[A] LevelingFixed a bug that caused all NPCs to be in the wrong place.[B] WorkFixed an issue where the forge management would normally send Alliance players to the Horde location.[H] ReputationFixed an issue where the guide directly skipped a step.[A] Knowledge ExplorerFixed harmonies in Summit Kun-Lai.[A] Daily LogsIt turned out that fishing capacity was added to go where they needed (fishermen).

    [A] Daily EventsUpdate and Hallows End Trick or Treat Buckets. Northrend provided buckets of Cataclysm and Pandaria.[H] Quests/Daily EventsAdded all candies from Northrend, Cataclysm and Pandaria baskets.[B] In achievementsAdded Shadow Hopper achievement for both sides.[B] Daily logsFixed an issue that caused the vision to skip.Fixed[b]Kun-Lai Summit transportation issue causing each movement system to incorrectly place a player type.[A] LEVELING- Fixed an issue with the hunter class quest.[B] ProfessionsFixed a persistent cooking issue that was causing errorsErrors due to a routing problem.[B] AttemptsAdded Hallow’s End

    zygor guides viewer critical error

    Download this software now to maximize your computer's performance.

    Zygor Bediende Kritieke Bug Handmatig Opgelost.
    Исправлена ​​критическая ошибка наблюдателя Zygor.
    Risolto Bug Critico Del Visualizzatore Pdf Zygor.
    Zygor 수동 뷰어 치명적인 곤충 수정
    Kritisk Termit För Zygor Manuell Tittare Fixad.
    Naprawiono Krytyczny Błąd Przeglądarki Instrukcji Zygor.
    Bug Critique De La Visionneuse Standard De Zygor Corrigé.
    Zygor Tidak Otomatis Viewer Kritischer Fehler Behoben.
    Se Corrigió El Error Crítico De Audiencia Manual De Zygor.
    Parasita Crítico Do Visualizador Manual Zygor Corrigido.

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