Windows XP Service Pack 2 Bluetooth? Fix It Immediately

Over the past few weeks, some readers have encountered a known error code in windows XP Service Pack 2 Bluetooth. This issue occurs due to a number of factors. Let’s look at them now.

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    After installing Service Pack 2 on Windows XP, I can’t try the Bluetooth audio device. What should I do?

    With Service Pack 2, Microsoft included a WHQL-certified generic Bluetooth driver. Many Bluetooth adapters use Widcomm software which requires Widcomm drivers. WIDCOMM software is used in many of the popular Bluetooth plug-in adapters on the market (including some from Belkin or TDK). WIDCOMM is not individually WHQL certified, so Windows XP will most likely use a generic driver. This generic driver interferes with all WIDCOMM Bluetooth software. Also, the generic driver does not support audio gateway or headset profiles. To force Windows XP to use someone else’s WIDCOMM driver, follow these steps: 1) Do not connect a Bluetooth dongle or adapter.
    2) If someone has installed Bluetooth software other than Windows drivers, please go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall them.
    3) Restart your computer
    4) Install the WIDCOMM Bluetooth software. When prompted to reinsert the Bluetooth adapter, click OK, DO NOT INSERT the card, and click Cancel instead.
    5) When the installation is complete, insert my adapter and Windows will install the driver normally.
    6) At the moment, there are probably two Bluetooth icons on the taskbar; one is blue, but also white, and is installed with the Windows driver. The other one is dark blue and red and will be installed with a specific WIDCOMM driver.
    7) Open Device Manager, find “Generic Bluetooth Radio” (you can find your manufacturer’s Bluetooth adapter under “Bluetooth Radio”), on the right- click on it and select “Update Driver”.
    8) In the next dialog, go to “Do not search, select driver from installation”.
    9) Select “Compatible Display Hardware”, then select “Universal Radio” . ” Bluetooth driver, use your manufacturer’s driver instead.
    10) Click “Next” until the driver installation is also complete. The popular WIDCOMM system tray should be blue and white and ready to use as well. Note. SoftwareThe Widcomm value must come with this Bluetooth adapter/card. If you have a copy of the software installation CD for your device, but have never had one, you should contact Broadcom Technical Support. Some Widcomm Bluetooth software can be purchased from Broadcom at

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