Best Way To Fix Sony 400 CD Player Troubleshooter

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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have encountered the Sony CD Player 400 Troubleshooting Error. This problem occurs due to many reasons. Let’s discuss this below.

    CD Player – Supplied Componentsmay Vary By US Or Region: RM-DX400

    Why Isn’t My Sony 400 CD/DVD Drive Working? Are You Getting “Loading Or Error” “Table Error”? SpenCertified Has A Solution! All You Need For Your Business Is A Set Of FTL Belts, A Screwdriver And This Video!

    Perhaps here are the steps to take apart and get a new set of belts:

    How do I reset my Sony CD player?

    Unplug the power cord and CD player from the electrical outlet.Leave the CD player so you can set up for a few seconds without power 30 meters.Plug the CD player’s power cord back into a sturdy vertical AC outlet.

    1) For safety reasons, unplug the power cord of my Sony 900 CD.

    2) Let’s start, naturally the metal top cover is removed by unscrewing 2 screws on the side, 2 on the top and 3 on the back at the same time. Once

    sony 400 cd player troubleshooting

    3) The 9 top cover screws have been removed. To remove the top cover, grasp each side, reach up and out, and then lift the cover.

    4) Worn belts are visible in the actual location (back left rear when looking at the device from the front). Both straps are not easy to maintain at this level, but it is much easier to remove the back panels to easily install new straps.

    5) To remove the backs, fabricate them by removing the 9 screws that fill the black plastic tab on the back of the build, then pullthread it to take it off. Then remove eleven more screws holding the flat black section. Once the screws are removed, there is usually a receptacle on the left rear that can be installed for the power cord so that the panel can be separated from the back panel.

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  • 2. Open the program and click on "Scan"
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  • 6) To remove the entire back panel, hang the heater about 1 inch above the edge of a good table and lower it slightly onto the unit. A panel appears that can be moved a few centimeters for easier access to the old belts with pulleys on which new belts are loaded.

    7) Remove the old belts and almost all traces of black rubber from the pulleys.

    8) Then attach two new straps. Make sure the belts are properly seated in the pulley grooves by slightly turning the pulleys a few turns.

    1) Holding the silver T-piece at the back top left, slide the device through the flat black panel. Then attach the removed power cord to the bottom.

    2) Align the black shield with the 9 screw ribs and replace the screws.

    Why is my CD player not reading discs?

    Clean CDs before and after playback in this way. Although a new CD has a much longer life than a simple CD such as a cassette, it can be more fragile in many cases. Scratches, dust, or other damage to the data wall of a CD causes many CD players to not understand the CD or skip the CD.

    3) Align the damaged plastic part with the 9 holes and screw in ints.

    sony 400 cd player troubleshooting

    5) Turn on the device and enjoy many hours of new CDs. Enjoy your newly installed belt pack!


    We hope you have successfully repaired your Sony Mega Disc Changer. If you still have problems, chances are you will send it to us for repair. We have a lot of coefficients for different Sony models, and we do a great job with this task. This repair manual is applicable to a wide range of different models. Including, but not limited to, model numbers CDP-CX450, CDP-CX400, CDP-CX455, CDP-CX355, CDP-CX300, CDP-M333ES, CDP-CX335 AND OTHERS. Also, don’t forget we have a stock of refurbished CD players and simple vintage electronics for you to purchase. Thank you for reading this Sony CD player or 150 400 Disc player repair and repair guide.



    Introduction: Fixing The Error “Tableand Switch On” On The Sony CD Changer

    How do I reset my Sony 400 CD changer?

    Turn off the CD player. Click the REMOVE ALL or REMOVE link, then simultaneously press and hold any ON/OFF button on the CD player. Hold down most of these buttons until ALL CLEAR or ALL ERASE appears. Play the CD to see if the issue is resolved.

    I’m one of those people who still use CDs. I use digital apps for mobile reading, but for real estate, I prefer to use physiological apps. I bought a CD changer from ebay and people like that play without touching it more than necessary. Unfortunately it broke down on arrival.

    If it worked, the blue light on the new changer would flash and I could hear the engine running. He expected to make four attempts to turn each plate, then start the engine for a few seconds and wait a few seconds. Then the “Error table” is displayed. I listened to it, but there were no squealing songs, and it sounded like the constant-mode motor was working fine. The disc whitening tray just wouldn’t spin. I could work with it with my own hands quite easily. No (probably a good idea, I didn’t break anything), but the whole motor didn’t spin. It worked when it was shipped and it was packaged pretty well so I thought it probably fell off in transit and was delivered. ki and blabbed. Upon entering the project, I thought I might take a look and see if something was explicitly set. I had next to nothing to lose along the way, and if I hadn’t figured out a way to fix it easily, I wouldn’t care.

    UPDATE: The part number for the hinge is SONY 421932601. Mine just needs to be sealed, but a few reviewers have mentioned that their hinge could be broken.

    Step 1: Remove The Lid

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