How To Fix Taskbar Search Deletion Error

In this guide, we are going to identify a few possible reasons that might cause search to be removed from the taskbar, and after that, we will offer you some possible fixes that you can try to solve this problem.

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    To disable the search bar, right-click on the taskbar, move the mouse pointer to “Search” in the context menu, and then click “Hidden”. This will hide the explorer bar and prevent it from appearing only on the taskbar. Right-click all taskbars, then select “Hidden” under “Search” to hide the search bar.


    Not everyone wants to search on the Windows 10 taskbar. Learn how to remove web search from the Windows 10 taskbar. I’m using Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10130, the latest major release of Windows available to Windows Insiders.

    Personally, I don’t use Google toolbar search very often.

    To hide it from the taskbar, scroll down to the taskbar area and right-click it. Right click on the huge taskbar options. TransferGo to the search item menu and click in it. You will see three options: Disabled, Search Search icon Show as search box. See fig. 2.

    You can also view the image only by selecting the Show research icon option.


    In this article, we all learned how to completely remove the search bar from the taskbar in Windows 10.

    remove search from taskbar

    On the Windows taskbar, the search toolbar is available by default. See fig. one.

    One of the most talked about features of the latest version of Windows 10 is Cortana, a unique assistant built right into the taskbar. But what if you don’t want to waste all that space on the taskbar?

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  • Fortunately, not only have they found a way to remove the search box from the taskbar, but you also need to replace it with a different icon, you can completely remove it and then it won’t show up pinned to the taskbar. tasks are only available in the launch menu (so you can keep browsing your apps).

    We’re not sure if we like the idea of ​​a digital assistant built into Windows,but whether you’re in pre-release or not, we encourage you to at least give it a try. If you don’t like it, you can optionally disable it and revert Exact Search to normal Windows 8.x behavior when it crawls both your apps and website.

    Remove aria-level=”2″ from Cortana search box in taskbar

    Please note that integrating the search box doesn’t actually eliminate Cortana. Below are instructions on how best to do this. This will simply hide our custom block in the taskbar.

    Simply right-click on a specific empty space on the taskbar, run a search, then change “Show Search Box” to “Show Cortana Icon” or “Hidden”.

    remove search from taskbar

    Changing the following to an icon will result in a similar giant circle as you can see below.

    And if you disable it completely, it will still be removed from the taskbar. You can also hide this Task View button while you’re at it by simply right-clicking and unchecking it, though we’ll say the new toggleThe task manager is generous and handsome.

    Disable Cortana

    If customers have not enabled Cortana, you will see a main window that looks like this when you click the search box and then click the Settings icon. Note that Cortana is disabled. You can also turn off online search and enable Bing when searching for results in the Start menu by also turning on this switch.

    If you already have Cortana, the settings dialog will completely change to hide under the From Notepad icon – in many cases, this is where you can click Settings and go straight to it, screen above.

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