Solution To Remove Programs From The Vista Taskbar

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    If you’re getting the Uninstall programs error code on your Vista taskbar, today’s guide has been written to help.

    If you’re the type of person who never uses apps on anyone’s taskbar, you might want to try this registry hack to disable them entirely. I can’t assume I use my own system in this way, but we provide all the necessary information.

    Please note that this trick should work on all versions of Windows.

    Note that you can also use this is using reverse… if your system tray is clogged and you don’t know why, you should check this registry key.

    Of course, you can also remove the clock from anywhere by right-clicking directly on the taskbar and selecting “Properties”. It’s in our own “Notification Panel” tab.

    Open regedit.exe from the start menu search or custom field, then scroll down to find the following key (create if not present):

    remove programs system tray vista


    Create a new 32-bit DWORD value on the right with the following values:

  • Name: NoTrayItemsDisplay
  • Value: 1
  • You may need to log out and log back in for this to take effect. Generally, to remove the hack, remove the key or change the value to 0.

    Note that disabling system support doesn’t actually prevent packages from running in the tray, it just hides the whole thing. However, if you disable unnecessary computer software.

    Update: Please note that the same registry key can be t to exist in multiple places. So, if you are trying to undo this particular hack, you should search for NoTrayItemsDisplay in your computer’s system registry.

    How To Remove Custom Notification Icons (system Tray) In Windows 7/Vista And XP

    How do I remove a program from my system tray?

    Hover your mouse over the app icon in this dedicated notification area and wait for the new label to appear. This label identifies the program name. You have the option to right-click the icon and choose Exit or Close to uninstall the mobile app, but it will reappear in the future when you reboot your system.

    To manually clear the list of notification settings items, do the following:

    1. Click Start, type regedit.exe andpress enter
    2. remove programs system tray vista

      Move to the next branch if necessary:

      [Windows XP]


      [Multiple Windows and Windows Vista]

      HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClassesLocal SettingsSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionTrayNotify
    3. Because remove both notificationsIconStreams and PastIconsStream
    4. Close the Windows Registry Editor
    5. Exit explorer/shellclean. [Instructions for purchasing Windows XP/Windows Vista, Windows 7]

    Here is a VBScript (runs on Windows XP/Vista/7) that can automate the above task. Download the file and also unzip the clear-notification-items.vbs file. The setting clears notification items and automatically restartsLaunches the explorer shell.

    Disabling and Disabling the Notification Area (System Tray) to Hide Taskbar Icons in Windows 10/8/g

    Many programs place an icon above the taskbar or in the notification area on the right side of the taskbar for quick and easy access, and provide a progress bar or special notifications when useful. But not everyone likes the system tray. If you think the taskbar notification area is unfortunately unusable and someone wants to restore a lower privilege section to make room for the Windows taskbar, you can easily disable and enable the taskbar and notification area with a simple hacking the computer registry.

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  • Please note that when you remove the notification area from the taskbar, the app badges and system icons of the notification area and their builds, if any, are removed.

    1. Click the Start button.
    2. Windows

    3. In XP, click Run and then type regedit and press ENTER.

      In Windows Vista / Windows 7, Windows 8 /Windows 10 select regedit in meGo to “Start” and search for ENTER.

    4. In the registry editor, navigate to the following PC key:


    5. Right-click File Explorer, then select New -> DWORD Value (32-bit) (DWORD value in Windows XP). Enter NoTrayItemsDisplay exactly as its name.

      Skip this step if you can already purchase NoTrayItemsDisplay from the registry. Note that NoTrayItemsDisplay and NoTrayItemDisplay do not.

    6. Double-click NoTrayItemsDisplay and/or set the data to Help 1.

      Disable Area / System Tray

    7. Log out and login again, restart File Explorer or restart your computer for the override to take effect.

    You can also use the Local Group Policy Editor if you’re using another premium version of Windows, such as Windows 10 Professional, to make changes to remove the notification bar object’s tasks.

  • Run

      Local Group Policy Editor (GPedit.msc).
    1. In the Still section, expand and navigate to User Configuration -> Administrative Tools -> Start Menu and Taskbar Templates.
    2. Double-click or click the policy ” Hide Notification Area” in the right pane to change it.
    3. To disable the notification area, set the Stations button to Enabled. 20viewBox%3D%270%200%20920% 20390%27% 3E%3Crect%20width%3D%27920%27%20height%3D%27390%27%20fill-opacity%3D%220%22%2F%3E%3C% 2Fsvg%3E”>

    4. < li>Log out and log back in, launch File Explorer or restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

    After setup, all device programs and application icons are hidden and no longer visible. Don’t worry, the apps will continue to work normally, just some icons will be hidden. The only remaining option is the clock, as shown in the image below.

    To enable and display the tray or taskbar again, delete the NoTrayItemsDisplay registry key and change it further the data value of this key to 0. Also, if suddenly all your tray icons are lost or not found (different only from the missing icons in the taskbar notification area), find the NoTrayItemsDisplay registry key somewhere and set its value to 0 if necessary.

    How do I permanently remove app from taskbar?

    Step 1: Press Windows + F to open the start menu search box, enter the name of the program you want to uninstall from the taskbar and search for it in this result. Step 2: Right-click on the smartphone app and select “Remove from taskbar” from the pop-up list.

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    Solución Para Ayudarlo A Eliminar Programas De La Barra De Tareas De Vista
    Solution Pour Supprimer Des Programmes De La Barre Des Tâches De Vista
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    Oplossing Om Programma’s Op De Vista-taakbalk Te Verwijderen

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