Fix Odbc Driver Error 80040e14

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    Today’s guide has been created to help you when you receive odbc driver error code 80040e14.

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  • Identity ONLY works with Access 1999 if you are currently using “Jet OLEDB Provider 4.0”!

    Do not define an ODBC connection with “Microsoft Driver”, but with “Jet OLEDB Provider 4.0”. Your line should look like this:

    If you are using a real connection without a DSN. Otherwise it’s in the ODBC settings.

    I’ve noticed that this error happens to a few people, just like everyone else. I’m using Access & db from the late 90’s which I tried on SQL 7.0.

    [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Invalid directive; sql go DELETE, INSERT, PROCEDURE, SELECT and UPDATE.


    I was simulating a classic ASP application from the fantastic IIS 6 to IIS 10 and then I ran into this problem:

    odbc driver error 80040e14

    Microsoft OLE DB provider error for ODBC driver 80040e14[Microsoft] [SQL Server ODBC Driver] [SQL Server] DATABASE.dbo.proc_Center_Price_List_Stock ninety-three, 1, NULL, 1, 383/modules/orders/Order null,.asp, position 57
    56 2 . rsStockItem.CursorLocation = AduseClcent 57 RsStockItem -.OpenSQL, myConn, adOpenDynamic

    <%Sun StCnnSet up myConnDim myConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")strCnn "Driver=SQL=Server; Server=(local)SQLEXPRESS; Database=DATABASE; UID=USER; PWD=1234567890"myConn.ConnectionTimeOut - 180myConn.CommandTimeOut = 180myConn.Open strCnn%>

  • Database connection successful.
  • Database user authorization successful
  • Pool config – checked
  • Error in stored procedure proc_Center_Price_List_Stock – no errors
  • Requested August 19, 2019 Available at 23:15.



  • in the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers

    Hi everyone

    I must have had a problem with my password. The following error occurred while updating a record in a specific table “ETA” in my list and table “metroqual”.

    An error occurred while processing the date and/or time specified by the string. in NI_Database_API.lvlib

    First timegot it and our code has been running for months now! I’m very confused because the way this works doesn’t result in an error when I try this with another table.

    In the ‘ETA’ array, I have 49 and the parameter date data is 6. I use the system format for the unused time and wedding day of the season stamp “properties-control .

    odbc driver error 80040e14

    Does anyone know how to help them fix this? I tried many strategies, but it still does not work in the office. I can do everything but still can’t update the data.

    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks in advance, Mikeporter

    I solved all the problems.

    An error has occurred on my computer. The value sent to the data source was a “number” in the procedure, but I wrote that it should feel like a “date” so the query command threw an error because some statement contained a number instead of a date.

  • ODBC error 80004005 on the server

    Running my website on my local server without problems, every time we run (choose a different language) it looks like this.

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    Napraw Błąd Właściciela Pojazdu ODBC 80040e14
    Исправить ошибку драйвера Odbc 80040e14
    Åtgärda Odbc Golfklubbfel 80040e14
    Odbc 드라이버 오류 80040e14 수정
    Corrigir O Erro De Novo Driver Odbc 80040e14
    Risolto L’errore Del Driver Odbc 80040e14
    Los Odbc Nieuwe Driverfout 80040e14 Op
    Corregir El Error Del Controlador Odbc 80040e14
    Fehler 80040e14 Des Autorisierten Odbc-Treibers Behoben
    Réparer Le Pilote Odbc 80040e14

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