Troubleshooting Tips For Installing A WCF Service On Windows 7

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    Click Programs, then Programs and Features. From the Tasks menu, select Turn Windows built-in features on or off. Locate the WinFX node, select the issue, and expand it. Select the Non-HTTP WCF Activation Components check box and save the setting.

    Windows development and deployment of a Communication Foundation (WCF) service hosted by Internet Information Services (IIS) typically involves the following tasks:

  • Make sure IIS, ASP.NET, WCF, and enabling codeWCF components are normally installed and registered.

  • Create an interesting IIS application or reuse an existing ASP .NET application.

  • Create an .svc file in the WCF service.

  • Deploy the implementation product to an IIS application.

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  • Configure the WCF service.

    For an overview of how to create a WCF service hosted in IIS, see How to Host a WCF Service in IIS.

    Make Sure IIS, ASP.NET And Wcf Are Properly Installed And Registered

    WCF, IIS, and ASP.NET must be installed by WCF-iis hosted services to work properly. The procedures for installing .WCF .(as part of the ..NET Framework), .ASP.NET ., and .IIS vary depending on your primary operating system. For more information about installing WCF and the .NET See Framework, see Installing the .NET Framework for Developers. To install IIS on Windows 10, open Programs and Features in Control Panel again, then select Turn off turn Windows features on or off. Under Windows Components, select Internet Information Services, then click OK.

    how to install wcf service in windows 7

    Instructions for a quick and easy installation of iis in your homeFor other operating systems, you will surely find Installing iis on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and even Installing IIS 8.5 on Windows Server R2 2012.

    how to install wcf service in windows 7

    The .Framework network installation process automatically registers WCF with IIS if IIS is already present on the machine. If IIS is actually installed after the .NET Framework, you must register an additional suitable location for WCF in combination with IIS and ASP.NET. Depending on your operating system, you can do the following:

  • Windows 7 and Windows Server 2003: Use ServiceModel Registration Tool (ServiceModelReg tool.exe) to register with WCF. To use this approach, enter ServiceModelReg.exe /i /x in Studio Visual Developer Command Prompt or Visual Studio Developer PowerShell.7:

  • Windows Finally, really learn ASP.NET for an optimized use of .NET Framework version 4, which is later. To do this, run the ASPNET_Regiis tool with the –i man option. For more information, see ASP.NET IIS Registration Tool.

  • Create A New IIS Application Or Reuse An Existing ASP Application

    WCF network services hosted in IIS mustYou are an IIS Application Insider. You can set up a new IIS application to exclusively host WCF services. Alternatively, your company can provide a WCF service specifically for an existing application that currently hosts ASP.NET 2.0 content (such as .aspx pages and an ASP.NET [ASMX] web server). For more information about parameter types, see the WCF sections “Parallel hosting with ASP.NET” and “Hosting wcf services in ASP.NET Compatibility Section Mode” in WCF and ASP.NET Services. .

    Note that IIS 6.0 and later versions regularly use the sandboxed object-oriented programming application. The default value is 1740 minutes. The maximum supported value is 71582 min. This restart can be disabled. For more information about this property, see PeriodicRestartTime.

    Create .svc File Using WCF Service

    How install WCF in IIS?

    Make sure IIS, ASP.NET, and WCF are properly installed and registered.Create a new IIS application or reuse an existing ASP.NET application.Create an .svc file for the WCF service.Provide a service implementation for you in an IIS application.Set up the WCF service.See also.

    WCF services hosted in Are are represented as special happy files (.svc files) in Appendixes II. This pattern is similar to how ASMX pages are rendered in an IIS application due to the presence of a fa.asmx file. The SVC file contains a WCF-specific processing directive (@ServiceHost) that allows the WCF hosting infrastructure to activate hosted services for you in response to incoming messages. The most common syntax for a .svc file is the following statement.

    It consists of a defined @ServiceHost and a directive, a single Service property. The exact value of the Service attribute is the Common Language of Teachings (CLR) type of the product implementation name. Using this directive is briefly equivalent to creating a hosting provider with the following code.

    new ServiceHost( typeof( MyNamespace.MyServiceImplementationTypeName ) );

    You can also perform additional hosting settings, such as creating an assembly address list for the service. You can also use a custom ServiceHostFactory to extend the current directive to use custom solutions. IIS applications that host WCF services are not responsible for managing the creation and lifetime of connected ServiceHost instances. Dynamic WCF Managed Provider Frameworksky creates the required ServiceHost circumstance when it receives the first request for a .svc file. The instance is not freed until it is closed, possibly explicitly with a signal, or when the device is restarted.

    For more information about .svc files in the for format, see @ServiceHost.The


    Provide A Service Implementation For An IIS Application

    How do I run a local WCF Service?

    To open the WCF Test Client, open the Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt and run WcfTestClient.exe. Select “Add Service” from one of our file menus. Enter http://localhost:8080/hello in the address field and click OK. Make sure the service is running, otherwise this step will fail.

    WCF goods and services hosted in IIS use a fairly dynamic compilation model such as ASP.NET 2.0. As with ASP.NET, you will definitely need to provide IIS-hosted implementation code to get WCF services in different ways in different places, for example:

  • As a brand new precompiled DLL located in the World Wide Cache Assembly (GAC) or in the main application’s bin directory. Precompiled binaries cannot be updated until the new entry in the class library is qualified as released.

  • As uncompiled source files in the App_Code directory of the application type. Sources of files that are proudly located in thisth directory are dynamically awaited when the application’s first application is processed. Any changes to files in anyone’s App_Code directory will cause the entire app to be restarted and recompiled on the next request.

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