Fiero Headlight Troubleshooting Solution

Recently, some of our readers encountered a known error while troubleshooting fiero headlights. This problem can occur due to many factors. Let’s discuss some of them below.

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    This is one of the information about Fiero headlight systems. I saw them as fundamentalHighlight individual differences and common problems. If in doubt, be sureSee Helms manuals for schematics. Don’t let your car be the last “One Eye Up”.Fero. After all, Fiero Am means “I’m proud.”

    button with image 87/88First of all, let me make a few basic remarks. Fiero uses two and only twodifferent headlight systems: one for all 1984-1986 Fieros, another for87/88 Feros. But some people modified their cars or made them for vans.There may still be some confusion at the end of the model year.

    So, Post is an easy way to show each other: there is a war button at the top.headlight motor. The photo on the left showsSystem 84-86sold penis, on the right you can see that87/88special system with new conical handle.Wire shapes and colors are taken from Helms manuals from 1984 and 1988 and other years (donations welcome).variously presented as steering manuals opinions of 1985, 1986 and 1988 were commended).

    1984-1986 System

    Old motor headlight equipment is a complex assortment in terms of relays, motors and the like.Change. No wonder, because the whole system works electromechanically.Let’s also start with the headlight switch in the dashboard of the car. This switchcontrols the replacement of insulation near the left headlight (see aspect on the left).This mobile relay controls two other relays, one on almost each side. And these relaysGive power to the motors, and if only one works, the car will spin.Each motor is powered by its own barrier fuse (those are pieces of wire that act as a barrier).fuse when the magnetic generators draw too much current).

    Once the engine reaches its limit, having a bumper inside the headlight engine will usually slow the engine down.has stopped. As soon as the devices can rotate longer inside the motor housing, the worm gear is higherThe end of the engine allows you to move up, which, inIn turn, it leads to the operation of the limit switch, which turns off the power in the absence of power.Ugh!

    When you turn off a particular headlight switch, the following happens: the trip relay (which was previouslyuntil now) until it turns off. This also turns off the two front light relays, which reverse polarity.Engines. The cut-off relay now powers the headlight motors directly throughHeadlight switch and (!) own 20 amp fuse. When the power plant reaches the limit, using the limit turns off the engines.similar to what happens when the headlights go up.

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  • To be able to drive with a failed system hard drive, remove the blue connectorthread (see photo). This prevents the From algorithm from failing. Warning: this is not true at all.Engine blocking start!!! So be careful! Without closing the plug, turn the knob on the front of the the direction of the arrow until there is no doubt that the headlight is fully open. You will hear/feel a “click”.is a limit switch.

    Fixed Bugs From 1984 To 1986

    First, a warning: the headlight system is almost always on, even when the key is out of the ignition!!!And these motors are quite powerful, so be careful when handling the systemyou can easily get seriously injured! Disconnect the batteries when you need to put your precious hands into the mechanism.

    fiero headlight troubleshooting

    This complex device can suffer from a variety of problems, ranging from mechanical failures to household malfunctions.Therefore, it is important to make an accurate diagnosis:

  • Does the problem only affect one side or both?
  • Headlights not raising, not straightening, or both?
  • Both sides will not unlock: trip relay, light switch
  • Both sides loose: REAR fuse, headlight switch, shutdown relay.
  • One side won’t open: fusible link, headlight relay, faulty train engine assembly
  • One side won’t close: Front light relay, faulty engine block
  • If only one engine starts audibly or distinctly Look no further, you’ll have to remake it in the market.assembled engine.
  • Detailed Troubleshooting

    fiero headlight troubleshooting

    Locate and usually remove the trip relay. disable. This is a two piece connector.lock, don’t break it! There are three wires on the input side: yellow, white and black. Black sanded.Measure between yellow and black voltage. Should be 12 volts when the front light switch is in the “on” position.Position “on”, “single” and voltage otherwise. Now measure between white and black. He shouldBe 12V if the headlight switch can be in the “off” position and as described if not dead. If not at all in theseThe test failed, the problem is in the electrical system of the headlight switch. And don’t forgetcheck a couple of fuses!

    The output side also has three wires: pink, blue (left), and blue-white (right). turn beaconswitch to “On”. With the relay still removed, briefly interact with the pink and gold contacts.with binding wire. Engines need to be revved up a bit (if the bit can’tto fully open).Now press Blue Touch or Blue/White with the main jumper for a few seconds. Relevant mustmove the engine a little further. If none of these tests fail, you may have new bad relay insulation.

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    Solução De Solução De Problemas Do Farol Fiero
    Felsökningslösning För Fiero-strålkastare
    Solution De Dépannage Des Phares Fiero
    Fiero 헤드라이트 문제 해결 솔루션
    Solución De Solución De Problemas De Faros Fiero
    Решение Fiero для устранения неполадок с фарами
    Fiero-koplamp Probleemoplossing
    Soluzione Per La Risoluzione Dei Problemi Dei Fari Anteriori
    Rozwiązanie Rozwiązywania Problemów Z Reflektorami Fiero

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