How To Enable Codec 0xfffe?

Here are a few simple steps that should help resolve the 0xfffe codec issue.

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    Forums – VEGAS Pro – AVI file not recognized by 0xfffe Vegas audio codec

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  • Hello

    I got an AVI file from the Edius editor. At first, I can’t play audio video or stream it in Vegas. I went to the Grass Valley website and forum, they suggested they install a secondary AVI HQ codec, which I did. I understand that the public shouldn’t install Vegas codecs, but I think that’s the only exception allowed. The video stream is now recognized and played in X32/x64, Vegas versions, but Vegas still reports that the audio format is not supported.

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  • Gspot defines the 0xfffe audio format as an extensible wav 48000 kHz 8 format and indicates that the required audio codec is installed, but the audio is not playing in anything with Windows Media Player. I installed the VLC media player and even that one does not play the recording and gives a noise message about an unsupported format.

    Does anyone know what I can do? The initial size of Edius is 53 GB, and the current non-editor cantalk to the transcoder.

    My system needs a lot of Intel: i7 970, ASUS 12GB RAM, P6T, Pro Vegas 11 (x32/x64), Windows x64 Ultimate, Pro Vegasduction Assistant 1.0, vasst Pro Ultimate s 4.1, Neat Video Pro 2.< 6 /p>

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    [Nigel O’Neill] “I know you shouldn’t set a CODEC for any Vegas, but I think that’s the only exception that can be made. Not so…

    That’s not true at all. You must not create “codec packs” from sets of different codecs that overlap with the codecs that Sony has paid for your website. Be sure to set the unique codec of the media solution you are working with, as you did. This is probably what everyone should do, i.e. choose the codec your video needs and paste that codec only.

    [Nigel O’Neil] knows, “Somebody what should I be able to do? The Edius file size is 53 GB and the editor can’t transcode anything either.>
    0xfffe codec


    0xfffe codec


  • Thank you John

    I got the recording when I realized that vision triggers touch every time there is movement in the timeline. Sounds like interlacing, which Vegas experts say can’t solve. Maybe the hq-avi codec is causing this problem. I’m making an original dated overwrite tape.

    Is the Fair 0xfffe audio codec respected? Editor Edius has taken the position that Vegas is not “new enough” and according to my research it is quite an old codec that was commonly used when Der jonah was new.

  • [Nigel O’Neill] “Is the 0xfffe audio codec pretty outdated? Editor Edius commented that Vegas is not “new enough” yet, but note my post that it’s a fairly old codec that was around when Iona Garzon was around.”

    Actually – 0xfffe is an Extensible Wave format, from what I’ve read it should only be used for 5.1 surround sound titles, so I suspect Vegas (and many other kinds of software) use it, don’t count it that in online stereo audio to watch. on Looks like sending via EDIUS.

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    Wie Aktiviere Ich Codec 0xfffe?
    0xfffe 코덱을 지원하는 방법
    ¿Cómo Habilitar El Códec 0xfffe?
    Jak Zezwolić Na Uzyskanie Kodeka 0xfffe?
    Comment S’assurer D’avoir Activé Le Codec 0xfffe ?
    Come Abilitare Il Codec 0xfffe?
    Como Persuadir O Codec 0xfffe?
    Hoe Codec 0xffffe Inschakelen?
    Hur Aktiverar Man Codec 0xfffe?
    Как помочь вам включить кодек 0xfffe?

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